Geared Up

By Rochelle Day on 3/10/2017

We’ve started the 2017 season and the momentum is contagious. For the girls, the first few practices are a mixture of excitement and curiosity for what lies ahead, what they will learn and what kind of friendships they will form.

By now, many of our sites have covered positive versus negative self-talk, visualizing their STAR POWER and putting some oomph into their energy awards. The coaches are learning their teams’ strengths and weaknesses, creating positive, open environments for the girls to share their emotions and thoughts, and rolling out impactful life lessons that each girl will soak up and add to their mental tool box for years to come.

Being that kind of a role model can be intimidating. These girls will look up to you, watch what you do and carefully listen to all that you have to say. They are sponges! Now that’s not a bad thing, but it is a tremendous amount of responsibility to be such an influential role model.

Make no mistake; we take pride in that role. Girls on the Run International wasn’t started to maintain what existed for women. It’s easy to grow comfortable in the ideas that culture feeds us – that skinny is pretty, coy is cute and giving up when it gets “too hard” is acceptable. NOPE. Girls on the Run was started to light a fire, to challenge women to see themselves like never before and realize they don’t have to live within the limits that society tries to set for them.

We are called to be confident, to lead healthy lives both physically and emotionally and to choose joy even when it’s a hard pill to swallow. Girls on the Run was started to help future women realize as young girls what their potential is, to trust their inner strength and to know that the path of beauty really begins from the inside out.

The girls have been anticipating the beginning of our GOTR season as much as we have, and perhaps even more so if they’ve been through the program before. Most returning girls remember the invaluable lessons they learned and the unforgettable fun each practice brought to their day. And who can forget the culmination of these practices: A one-day celebration where all the teams come together, embodied in girl power, energetic music and a can-do 5K attitude.

They are pumped. We are pumped. Here’s to the best season yet!



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